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Download our Web App "SOFÍA" or borrow one of our tablets
SOFÍA and our Tablets are complimentary, non-commercial, & ads-free.

They offer much more than:

 ► Recommended sites, restaurants, places and beaches.

 ► Exciting things to do and the best ways to organize them

 ► User-friendly navigation for easy walking or driving anywhere & back

 ► Personalized, custom itineraries, found daily under your suite's name

 ► Local knowledge and information on shops, services & professionals

 ► Internet, sms messages, useful websites, etc.

 Download Sofía to your phone (easier to carry than our Tablets)  

 When driving, or if your phone has no data, borrow one of our Tablets:
      •  They have SIM cards for Internet everywhere, 
      •  Their Easy Go GPS is better
than Google Maps for driving , and
      •  They offer free text messages to us, or to anyone else.

  We have no affiliation with any of the recommended businesses

  GPS & Google Maps navigation require automatic location tracking