Dear Friends; use our tablet "SOFÍA" while in or out of the Hotel for:

 ► Suggested sites, restaurants, activities on Rhodes, Symi & Halki islands

 ► Custom itineraries created just for you, shown under your suite's name

 ► User-friendly navigation: walk or drive to anywhere & back to the Hotel

 ► Local knowledge, tips, shops, services & professionals

 ► Ready-made routes with sets of carefully matched suggestions

 ► Unlimited free text messages with the Hotel or anyone else

 ► Browsers, useful websites, social media, your departure & online check-in

  • SOFÍA is a  non commercial , ad - free  service to our guests. 

We have no affiliation with the named businesses or persons. Suggestions & ratings are based on our experience and reflect our own opinion.

  • There is NO CHARGE when a tablet is damaged or lost.

Device Location is often performed by Google Services for navigation improvement.

Get our app on your mobile: type TABLETS.KOKKINIPORTA.COM (GPS will not work)