Dear Friends 

Take SOFÍA (the tablet) with you and enjoy these user-friendly features:

  • "Back to the Hotel"  and "Easy Go..."  pre-programmed GPS navigation

  • Charge-free communication with the Hotel or anyone else

  • Sites, restaurants & activities we recommend on Rhodes, Symi & Halki islands

  • Daily customized itineraries, put together just for you under your suite's name 

  • "Ready-made" Routes with bundles of carefully matched suggestions

  • Local knowledge and tips for a relaxed, exciting stay

  • Shops, businesses and individuals you may need

  • Browsers, useful websites and access to social media

  • Your flight departure time and all you need for your online check-in

► When signal is weak, SOFÍA slows down. Please wait: don't repeat commands.       


SOFÍA is a non-commercial, advertisment-free business practice and a complimentary service to the guests of Kókkini Porta Rossa. We are not affiliated with any of the named businesses or entities. Suggestions and ratings are based on our own experience and opinion.

Guests are NOT CHARGED if tablets are damaged or lost. We only ask that broken tablets are returned, so that SIM cards are retrieved. If you tell us soon after SOFÍA is lost, we may locate her while battery lasts. Otherwise, tracing a tablet will only be attempted for a guest's safety.