Kókkini Porta Rossa



Makri and Alimia are two uninhabited little islands between the west coast of Rhodes and Halki island. A group of marine life enthusiasts can take you there by RIB. Savvas Hatzinikolaou, a marine biologist and leader of the team, has created a fish-farm as a business and "Blutopia Marine Park" as a contribution to the environment.

You will be picked up from the hotel at 09:00 and brought back at approximately 17:00. It is a 40 min drive to Kamiros Skala port, where you will board the RIB. Alternatively, you can drive there yourselves.

During these hours, you will visit the three islands, swim at remote beaches, watch dolphins in the wild and, possibly, snorkel near them. After having a coffee or lunch in Halki island, you will return to Rhodes and the hotel.

Generations of dolphins have made a very specific area near Makri island their home. They decide to appear and interact with humans 8 out of 10 times. Occasionaly they prefer to watch you from a distance, rather than be social and playful. 

If you wish, you can be initiated to the world of scuba diving. Savvas is an internationally known diving instructor. He can take you diving with him, regardless if this is your first time or you already are an seasoned diver.

In the deaper waters you will encounter tuna fish, rays, manta ray, and other large marine creatures. These breathtaking marine animals can be watched in their natural habitat!

Besides marine mammals and large fish, the Blutopia Park area is full of smaller species, such as the European sea bass, the devil ray, the grouper, red scorpion fish, the sea bream and the red mullet.