Kókkini Porta Rossa

AKRES [92]

ON OUR MAP:    92 

  • Perfect for dinner after visiting Lindos & the Acropolis
  • Excellent view, good food. Modern interpretation of traditional dishes
  • Cocktails
  • Not far from St. Paul's suggested parking area
  • Book for an early dinner; you have to drive 50km back to Rhodes
  • Must book
We say: €€€  •  8.5/10        TripAdvisor
ADDRESS: Lindos    /     TEL: 22440 31927

Walking inside Lindos Village:  Google Maps 


Recommended: drive to Lindos village South (near St. Paul's Bay):  Easy Go GPS


Drive to Lindos village North (main square & beach):  Easy Go GPS


Both navigators: Tap on  for walking,    for driving.  Google Maps: not reliable when driving