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For a relaxed & effortless Return Drive,

• Our Easy Go GPS works only on our Tablets.
• It very good for driving (not walking).

• On your driving days, borrow one of our tablets.
• For walking (or driving without a tablet) use Google Maps.

Tap here (opens only on our Tablets :


  • Easy Go GPS will drive you back to St. John's Gate.

  • To contact the Hotel or a Taxi,  Tap Here.

If Internet is Lost During Your Trip, our App will freeze..
This may happen on the west side, after Ancient Kamiros..

Follow these steps & carry on with your day :

  tap many times on " < "  (found at the bottom of every screen)

  this takes you to  Home Screen  (the one with our red door as wallpaper)

  tap "GPS Offline".  Easy Go GPS will navigate you anywhere you want

  when over the mountains or back north, tap "SOFÍA Our App" again 


It is pre-programmed to drive you to every place you choose..

    1..SET SOUND TO MAXIMUM !  (Top button on tablet's right side)

  2.  TAP ON:

Easy Go GPS  on the page of  places you wish to visit ,  or

 DRIVE BACK  found above, on this page

  3..WAIT 5 secondsthe map is being downloaded


    5. .Tap 

  6. .Follow the VOICE and the BLUE LINE  


  If Easy Go GPS acts erratically for longer than 5 min, reboot the tablet:

 press the bottom button on the tablet's side for 5 sec.   tap REBOOT   tap OK   wait for a few minutes & ignore all requests for passwords   re-start the App