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How to use Google Maps and Walk Back to the Hotel

Tap here:   WALK BACK   *                           

*  Google Maps in Rhodes can only be used effectively for walking (not driving)

Feel free to increase sound volume and screen size. PLEASE don't change other settings!        

HOW TO USE Google Maps on this tablet (some functions have been disabled) :


  1.  TAP ON: 

       ► WALK BACK  (found above)  FOR  WALKING  BACK  TO  THE  HOTEL


       ► Google Maps  found on the page of  ANY  RECOMMENDED  PLACE

  2. .WAIT for 35 seconds, for the map to be fully downloaded

    3. .Tap   

    4. . Check that    is highlighted

    5.  .Tap  

    6.   .MAKE  SCREEN BIGGER !    (Touch with 2 fingers & slide apart)

    7.  .START WALKING. Follow the white arrow & blue dots