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The Muslim Library, founded in 1793 by Hafiz Ahmet Aga is situated opposite the mosque of Suleiman (which, unfortunately, is closed to the public). The building and its small garden are well preserved. Only the front room can be visited.

Founded towards the end of the 18th century, the Library was created at the request of Ahmed Hasuf, a Rhodian originating from Turkey.

It displays a large and interesting collection of both Arabic and Persian scripts, along with some historic handwritten Korans. The most significant exhibit is probably the manuscript that narrates the siege and conquer of the island by the Turks in 1522.

The library, a school and a mosque had formed the Suleimaniye religious and cultural institution. 

200 m from the Palace, opposite the Suleimaniye Mosque (closed to the public on most days of the year).

April - October: Monday to Saturday, 09:30 to 15:00, free entrance                                         

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ADDRESS: Socratous str. (top, opposit Suleimaniye Mosque ), Old Town

Tel: +30 22410 74090

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