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The impressive church of Our Lady of the Castle is located at the eastern (lower) end of the Knights’ Street, across the Archaological Museum. 

The original core of the building was probably erected in the 11th century as a Byzantine cruciform domed temple, while the Knights reconstructed the church to give it the form of a three-aisled Gothic basilica.

The coats of arms of the Grand Master de Villeneuve and Pope John XXII can be seen in the central pointed arch window, dating this phase between 1319 and 1334.

A large rectangular frame saved above the main entrance would host a painting composition of the Virgin Mary, probably among saints and knights.

The church was converted and used during the Turkish occupation as a mosque.

Tickets: €3, or part of the €10 special ticket package

"PACKAGE TICKET" :  €10.   It covers the Arch. Museum, Palace of the Grand Masters, Our Lady of the Castle and the Decorative Arts Collection.    

HOURS: Monday & Wednesday to Sunday, 08:30 - 15:30 (Tuesdays closed)


ADDRESS: Alexander's Sq., Old Town  / (across the Archaological Museum)

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