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Kallithea Springs used to be a spa and remedial water center since the classical Antiquity. It is a beautiful place to visit. 

However, if you wish to spend some relaxed hours by the beach, after visiting Kalithea and making some photos of the place and the buildings, you can walk or drive, 200 meters away to Tassos Beach (probably a better choice for day and evening swims, lunches and dinners).

The buildings seen in Kalithea were built in 1929. The beach is fairly small and beautiful. However, it can become quite busy and crowded during most of the summer months.

It has sun lounges on both its sides and a restaurant/café. The water is shallow and usually completely calm.


8 km from Rhodes town

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Both navigators: Tap on  for walking,    for driving.  Google Maps: not reliable when driving


► A TAXI called to pick you up frοm St. John's Gate will charge €25 (each way). Taxis, if found "on the road" chagre approximately €20 (each way).  

One of our regular driver, can pick you up from St. John's Gate.

  • He will first drive you to Tassos Beach to show you where you will be later picked up from.
  • He will then drop you off 200m. away, at the entrance of Kalithea Springs.
  • After visiting Kalithea, you can walk back to TASSOS BEACH for swimming, dinner etc.
  • Contact Christos again 30 min. before the time you wish to leave.
  • He will pick you up from the spot he had shown you earlier.

Payment is made to the driver. Taxis in Rhodes do not accept Credit Cards.


 PRESS TO SEND CHRISTOS A TEXT MESSAGE, or call +30 6946103929.

TAKE THE BUS. It costs €3 each way. The bus-stop is a 5min. walk from the hotel & the ride lasts 15min. Press on the links below:


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