Kókkini Porta Rossa


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Read about tickets & where to buy them further below.


After touring the sites of the Old Town, you may want to walk on part of the wall around it.
The Walk is also a lovely way to come back to the hotel for cooling down after a busy morning
You will have a "bird's-eye" view of the Old Town, everything around it, the ports, gates and towers.  The fortification is a remarkable example of an intact medieval structure.
NOTE: The walk ends right outside our hotel's entrance.
However: it can only be done from the Palace to the hotel, not the other way around.
The part you can walk on is 1.300 m long and lasts approximately 25 min. 
A bottle of water and (preferrably closed) walking shoes are good things to have with you. 
HOURS: 12:00 - 14:55 (last minute to enter), NO SATURDAYS & SUNDAYS, April to October.
IMPORTANT: Tickets for both the Walk and the Palace are sold at the main entrance of the Palace, but are two separate tickets.
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Both navigators: Tap on  for walking,    for driving.  Google Maps: not reliable when driving
Also:  WALK IN THE MOAT, all hours, all days. It is a lovely place for a cool walk or run.