Kókkini Porta Rossa


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One of the most sizeable churches in the Medieval City of Rhodes. Located on Ippodamou street, it was built in the late 15th century.
Very interesting Byzantine architecture and iconography. It belongs to the free cross with dome architectural type.
Three of the arms of the cross are of equal length and roofed with pointed vaults; the east arm is shorter. The crossing is covered by a dome supported by a twelve-sided drum pierced by four windows, one for each branch of the cross. The masonry is regular, of well-dressed sandstone blocks, a feature shared by some other contemporary Hospitaller buildings in Rhodes. An underground burial crypt existed at the north end of the church.
In the years of the Ottoman rule, the church was converted to a mosque, and was known as Takedji Djami.
The prayer hall (mihrab) and the minaret are additions dating from that time.

The church, its beautiful display of murals and the garden are open every Sunday from 12:00-15:00 April-October.
No entrance fee

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