Kókkini Porta Rossa


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Mavros Kavos has been a well-kept secret. Crystal clear water and sand dunes where white lilies and the rare Rhodian cedar trees grow. 82 km south of Rhodes town, on the way to Prassonissi.

8 km away from Lahania village, across the now abandoned church of St. Marc, follow the dirt road to the sea. There is a crossroad 5 km from the main road. If you turn left you will go to the beach of St. George, if you turn right, to the church of St. George and the MAVROS KAVOS BEACH.

Make sure you have water and a snack with you. Best restaurant in the area is PLATANOS a few km away on the way to Rhodes, in Lahania village.

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82km from Rhodes (driving on the East side)


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If Internet is Lost When Driving
(it may happen on the island's west side)

 go to Home Screen  (tap many times  <  seen at the bottom this screen).

 tap GPS Offline ". Easy Go GPS navigates you until Internet gets back.

*         If Internet is Lost When Driving       
      (it may happen on the island's west side).

 go to Home Screen  (How: tap many times on  <  seen at the bottom of this screen).

 tap GPS Offline ".  Easy Go GPS drives you anywhere until Internet is back again.

Both navigators: Tap on  for walking,    for driving.  Google Maps: not reliable when driving