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Profitis Ilias, is a pine-wooded forest named after the Prophet Elias, whose monastery is found on the mountain (2.600ft/ 720 m).

The two adjacent Swiss Chalet style small hotels, Elafos (stag) and Elafina (doe), were built by the Italians.

A nearby café is open for tea, coffee or ouzo nearby the log fire. The walled-in monastery itself is small and shows little signs of life until 20 June, its Saint's day. 

At this altitude, wild flowers are in abundance.  Look for paeonias, cyclamens and orchids. While here, take the time to walk to the now abandoned but still interesting and “dramatic” Villa de Vecchi. 

Have your eyes open for deer, foxes and rabbits.

The area is great for walks, hiking, trekking and cycling.

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45 km from Rhodes town

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