Kókkini Porta Rossa

PANORMITIS Monastery & Beach

No trip to Symi would be complete without a visit to its monastery of Panormitis... .

Situated on the seafront of the tiny village of Panormitis, on the southern side of the island of Symi, it is protected by a narrow inlet that opens out into a wide harbour and small, empty beach.

The monastery is set against a stunning backdrop of pine-covered mountain-sides which only seem to add to the feeling of remoteness and solitude.  

There is a restaurant and a cafe.

Ask the way to the baker's shop. It It is a beautiful, small, old bakery. The old baker opens shop whenever he is in the mood to do so and makes lovely rusks, bread and cheese-pies.

Panormitis is 21 km by road from Symi village. One can go there by bus, taxi, car, moped or boat-taxi. It is also a great long walk for the ones who have the time and and are fit enough to do it.

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