Kókkini Porta Rossa


WAYS TO GO,  TICKETS & FERRIES (where, how)                  MAP OF SYMI

“Yalos” (seaside, coast) is the name of the village around the port of Symi. 

“Horio” (village) is simply the name of the village on the slopes and the top of the hill, overlooking the Port.

They both are beautiful and worth visiting. You can go to Horio on foot, by bus, taxi, rented scooter, or by taking the little road-train (unreliable departure times). Don't try to walk to Horio if you have a medical condition or simply don't like aerobic exercise.

The main walking route between Yialos and Horio is “Kali Strata” (The Good Route).

Once little more than a goat track, it was developed in the 18th and 19th centuries by the wealthy merchants of Symi who desired a more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing walk to and from home. Hence there is now a wide set of steps that meander up to the village past many large mansion houses.

Walking down the Kali Strata is not necessarily easier than walking up. It’s less tiring on the legs maybe, but it can be wearing on the knees. On the way up there is a number of small deviations you can make. Just carry on climbing. You will end at the village square.

A greater challenge is climbing the alternative route to the village, the “Kataraktis”. We advise that you dare do that only if you are staying in Symi for more than one days.

You can find the start of the Kali Strata behind the square on the south side of the harbour.

There are about 350 steps up to the village square, depending on which route you take. Water and a hat are necessary. There is a little shade on the way and a bench about half way up, plenty of old mansion houses to see, several ruins and plenty of views between the houses.

Once at the top you will be rewarded with a cool drink at one of the village “kafeneion” (coffee shop). The village is there to be explored.

Coming back down, simply follow the large steps; there’s a 90 degree turn on the first corner, where you get a great view of the harbour. You can carry on down the slope there and take a different route, with more scenic views to see, or further down the Kali Strata itself you can find a turn off to the right, a wide set of shallow steps, which will join up with the zigzag slope back down to the harbour, and you get a different perspective and mores views that way.