Kókkini Porta Rossa


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A forested hill with lovely view, the Acropolis of Ialysos as well as ruins from the Byzantine and Knights' period. 

During the early Christian period 5th to 6th A.D. a basilica was built with a cross shaped baptistery next to it.

After the 14th century, the Knights of St. John built here a Monastery. The icon of Our Lady of Filerimos, thought to be miraculous, was the most sacred relic of the Order of the Knights. It is said that it was painted by Saint Luke.

On the South-West, along a path named after the Walk on Golgotha, one can see 12 stone reliefs of the stations of the Cross. A 18m tall cross, identical to the one of 1934, is located at the end of this path. The view from its top (a total height of 267) meters is impressive.

HOURS:   May - Oct. 08:0 - 17:30,   Nov. - April 08:30 - 14:40 (Mondays closed)


11 km from Rhodes Town

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