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The fertile village of Embonas is 52 kilometers southwestern to the town of Rhodes at an altitude of 430 meters. It is located at the foot of mountain Attavyros, the highest of the island (1.215Μ m).

The village is famous for its wine, agricultural products, food, meat and embroidery. Also for its songs, dances and feasts.

Food in most of the restaurants is excellent. Fresh vegetables, small traditional dishes, locally produced meat and, naturally, wine.

The old part of the village is worth a visit. Stroll in the narrow paved streets, with the small whitewashed houses, similar to those of Cyclades.

Don’t miss a visit to one or two of the local wineries. Taste various wine products, local ouzo, “souma” (Rhodian strong spirit) and liquors.   

The small local Folk Museum is in an old traditional house. Exhibits include household of past times as well as tools for agriculture.

A path leads to the top of Mountain Attavyros, where, at a small artificial plateau, you will see the ruins of the temple of Zeus. Travelers come here since ancient times to enjoy the excellent view of almost the whole complex of the Dodecanese, even of Crete.

52 km from Rhodes town

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