Kókkini Porta Rossa


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Asklipio has white simple houses, a Byzantine church built in 1060, a castle built in the 13th century and a very interesting little museum.

You can easily park at the village square, near the Church of the Dormition. The architecture and the fresco paintings of the church are really interesting.

Next door, in the church's old olive press, you will find the small folklore museum, also worth visiting.

Walk to the castle, on the top of the hill. The place and the view are beautiful.

The name Asklipio signifies a place where in Greek antiquity was a sanctuary of Asclepius, god of medicine and protector of doctors (a hospital, in modern terms).

Nature in the area is excellent for walking, trekking and mountain cycling.

The two restaurants of the village serve good quality, traditional food.

At the nearby Kiotari beach you can enjoy the crystal-clear water and a very good fish and seafood meal at PETALAS restaurant.

62 km from Rhodes town

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