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. "Routes" are sets of suggestions. They are designed to make your days in Rhodes pleasant and relaxing, while saving you time and energy.

  They often include more than you can do. Also, some suggestions are similar to others and some may not be for you.

  When deciding which ones to leave out, remember: vacation is when we enjoy every moment, without worrying about time.

  Choose the Routes that suit you best, or follow the tailor-made itineraries we are happy to prepare for you. Feel welcome to ask us about anything you want.

To see all suggestions, go to: PLACES, EAT & DRINK, SHOPS & SERVICES, THINGS TO DO

.Town & Around   

.Eat & Drink   

.The Acropolis of Rhodes   

.Swimming near the Hotel   

.Shops, Services, People   

.Half Day   

.Most Part of the Day   

.Nearby Islands   

.Walking, Trecking, Hiking, having a Good Time    

.Rhodes AFTER YOUR STAY with us    

.When in ATHENS