Kókkini Porta Rossa

Routes To Choose From

NOT-SO-SHORT WALK to & from the ACROPOLIS of Rhodes

This is just a quick look from above.  SCROLL for Where, When & How to Go 


For the best time to be there, photos & details:

  • Open "The ACROPOLIS OF RHODES" (below) and then
  • tap on link "WHAT IS ON THE HILL" to see the way to everything on the hill

.Not-So-Short way to the Acropolis (3.500 m, 45 min)           

.Back to the Old Town                                                               

.Drinks, Snacks, Lunch, Old Town                

.Dinner, Before & After (Old Town)               

.Drinks, Snacks, Lunch, (N.Town North)                   

.Shops etc., Old Town