Kókkini Porta Rossa


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“Elli” is the main beach of Rhodes town, located on the northern tip of the island. 

It can be crowded during most summer months. Its part near the Aquarium (the Northern tip of the island) is wider and less crowded. On the west (left) side, of the Aquarium there is more wind and even less people.

The shingle and pebbly beach is about 400 m. long and 35 m. wide, running from Mandraki harbour to the Aquarium. The water is crystal clear. The beach offers the amenities needed to enjoy a day in the sun.

It is a lovely 1.900 m. walk from the hotel through the interesting part of the modern town, not longer than 25 min.
Several restaurants and bars are along the beach. We recommend
MELTEMI Restaurant, next to the domed building on the right (east) side of the beach. Have a look at “Eat & Drink”. 

Enjoy the diving platform (3 levels), which you have to swim to. 

Better beaches, also very near Rhodes Town (8 km., not walking distance), are KALITHEA & TASSOS BEACH.


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