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St. PAUL'S BAY: The Small Beach. Park here for Lindos & Acropolis [78]

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St. Paul’s Bay with its two sandy beaches is just south and a walking distance from Lindos, on the southeast coast of Rhodes. The Acropolis towers 200m above.

It is claimed that St. Paul landed here in the year 51 AD to preach Christianity to the Rhodians. 

The bay is a lovely place to swim and spend time, either before or after your visit to the village and the Acropolis and a great location for snorkeling and diving. You can also rent a canoo or go for a trip on a motor boat under the rocky cliff of the Acropolis. The water of the area has a magnificent blue colous and is crystal-clear 

Facilities at both beaches include sun loungers, sun shades, toilets. Parking is possible close to both beaches.

However: the parking area closest to the village (where you will have to walk to) is right above the small, northern beach

The main, busiest beach is on the southern part of the bay. Beach reataurant & cafeteria TAMBAKIO serves drinks, snacks and meals most hours of the day.Less busy and smaller (also sandy) northern beach is right under the parking area you will use to walk to the village. Without having to move your car, you can walk down the narrow cement road that takes you there and to the less "flashy" DIMITRIS Beach Cantina. Very casual, it serves simple, good quality food for lunch and dinner. 

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47 km from Rhodes town