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48 km from Rhodes town, the village of Lindos has beautiful narrow alleys, whitewashed houses with pebble-paved courtyards and painted ceilings. It is a very popular tourist destination, quite hot and crowded in the summer months.

Walking through the picturesque alleys, shopping, having drinks in the many small bars or swimming at one of the three beaches can be great experiences. 

  • A swim at St' Paul's bay, before or after your visit to the village and the Acropolis, will make a great memory. 
  • The ascent to the Acropolis follows the same steep path as in antiquity. The visitor is greeted by the stern of an ancient Rhodian warship carved on the rock. The medieval castle encloses the entire surface of the hill. The walls follow the natural terrain. 

For lunch try the oldest restaurant in Lindos MAVRIKOS in the center of the village for its famous traditional Greek dishes.

The AKRES with its fine cuisine and the view of the Acropolis and the TAMBAKIO by the sea at St. Paul's bay are both very good for a romatic dinner.


Please remember: Lindos is officially the warmest place in Greece.


► We suggest that from June 1 to September 30 you visit the village and the Acropolis after 17:00.

During the not-so-hot months, you can start your day by visiting Lindos and then drive to other places on the island.

► Avoid Lindos when cruise ships' passengers are there. They usually are gone by 14:00. Ask us for detailed days and hours.


If it is a day when Lindos is better visited in the late afternoon hours, when it will be less crowded and cooler, there are plenty of things to do and places to visit before walking into the village.

One of these things is a swim at St. Paul's bay. 


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